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Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co Ltd is invested by Japan Daikin Industries, Ltd. Jpan Daikin Industries, Ltd was founded in 1924. It's a multi-national enterprise proactive in air-conditiioning, fluorochemicals, and hydraulic machines, etc. In 2003, as the fourth global fluorochemical production base of Daikin, Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd was put into operation in China. As the first foreign-capital enterprise of fluorochemicals in China. With comprehensive quality management, complete technical service, leading environmental protection notions, global production and sales network and lasting safety system, the Company has won high praise.

- Safety first, quality first
- Leading awareness for environmental protection
- R&D technical team
- Establishment of technical innovation center
- Solve kinds of difficulties & problem

The Character of Fluorine



Brand TM Products Application

Insulating tape, sealant & porous membrane

Chemical industry, electric, machinery


Wafter carrier, battery packing & coaxial-cable     

Electronic devices & medication  

NEOFLON         FEP CMP, electrical wire & communication cable

Electonmmunication, electronic devices                



Brand  TM Products Application
DAI-EL               FKM          

Fuel system, oil seal, sealant & O-ring      

Motor, Watch wrist belt, chemical machinery



Brand TM Products Application
ZEFFLE         Fluorocoating     

Outside surface coating (panel, backboard)

Solar, heat stickers, metal, glass, warehouse, gymnasium, parking lot, ship, water tower, flyover


Non-adhesive coating

Non-stick pan, rice cooker, electric pressure saucepan


Fluorochemical Products

Brand TM Products Application
UNIDYNE         Water & oil resistant agent   

Fabri, paper & non-woven fabrics

Dress, medication, outdoor gear, industry & food

OPTOOL Anti-fouling agent

Mirror(scenes, spectacles, touch screen), Automotive GPS screen

Electrommunication & living goods

OPTOACE Fluorine three anti-paint

Electronic waterproof equipment

Electrommunication, automotive, semiconductor & living goods

With the rapid development of the China market, we will make every effort with Daikin fluorine chemical industry to develop fluorine chemical industry.


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